A Note for the Skeptical

I attended a REIKI session this past weekend.

It was joyous.

I was a skeptic so I address my fellow smellers of BS.

REIKI works.

But if you’re skeptical, chances are you’re not going to be believe me anyway so I will speak your language. Here’s what REIKI means to the skeptic.

It’s a chance to STOP.

“Stop what?” you ask.


REIKI – whether you are open to its energy transference or not – forces you by virtue of its procedure to stop in your tracks. You cannot text or check your phone – believe me I’ve tried and received prohibitive looks; you cannot chat with the other folk there as we are all in silent mediation and receipt of energy; you cannot stretch your legs or go for a walk to check your car meter; nothing. You must stop and just be.

When was the last time you even thought about doing that, let alone do it.

REIKI gives you the moment to stop time. To examine what has happened; what might happen; what is happening. It gives you a chance to just let your mind, body and soul catch up to each other and for you to just be calm. In this world that is as valauable as it is rare.

The first few times I received REIKI that was what I put in my brain. That i would just stop. It was then that I was able to receive the gifts REIKI gives. It was – by leaving my mental door ajar – that I could connect to what my former skeptical tongue would simply call “other powers.”

Look at REIKI this way… when your computer is acting confused or overworked, you press a button, and the machine goes off and comes on again – you reboot the machine.

I consider REIKI to mean “Human Rebooting.”