Help us make art and beauty
Help us open a door and extend a hand
Help us afford to say:”yes you can!”  

Genesis Repertory began its life 15 years ago as an educational organization dedicated to making the arts – all varieties — available to artists and audiences who would not normally get opportunities for advancement or entertainment.
Actors and singers were always from unique sources like schools and local theaters to serve future generations of arts professionals; and tickets are always masochistically low to serve the audience.

Today, Genesis continues to be what it always has been – a loving parent to artists of all ages. But now it has a child of its own, The M Center. This intimate space located in Brooklyn serves as a gestation studio for young artists through classes, workshops, and performances in professional venues. We don’t make them stars, we put them in the real world. Several have amassed off and off-off Broadway credits, and younger members – after coaching from our staff – won places in high schools and colleges as well as national tours and regional theaters. We recently opened a program for gifted pre-teens.

Genesis believes in the truest meaning of the word “troupe” and brought it into the 21st Century. We care for our artists, about their health, their growth as people, and their dreams. The unique love and camaraderie you find in films like “Shakespeare in Love,” “The Dresser,” and “Cradle Will Rock” is alive and well in Genesis Repertory.


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