Play On

Sunday was wild.

The morning brought Alinna and Mira, our newest students, into the studio. Newest in every way. At ages eight and six, they’re the newest to life as well as the M.

Both gifted, it was marvelous to watch two baby artists begin to write music, sing, story-telling (what we affectionately call doing a monologue). I look forward to seeing them grow into great performers. I am reminded of when I taught at the Riverdale Academy more than 20 years ago and how some of my students came to see subsequent productions of mine – and brought their kids.

Then came rehearsal and press photos for Reverend Mary and The M Band. Another baby starting to walk. These jam sessions were fun and a great alibi for eating greasy cheeseburgers. Now we’re planning promotion, solidifying sets, planning gigs, and even playing for our friend and recording studio owner, WayneKoehler.  

I have to make sure the clubs where we perform at have cheeseburgers on the menu.