What makes something a CENTER?

There are so many “centers.”

Every community has a “community center” then there’s Lincoln Center … Kennedy Center… the Open Center.

One imagines that centers should be these huge places where so much happens … they’re half right. So much should happen but that doesn’t mean it has to be huge. Mary and I dealt with many centers in our travels. Some really were. They had numerous programs and events and were places to always find something great inside. Then we had others that liked the word, center, as in performing arts center but was just a place for mediocre projects.

At this moment, Kheng Chow-Li is in our “center” presenting her own form of Reiki. She returns to our center in a week and then again in September. Before the end of the month our “center’ will have had a Musical Master Class, a band rehearsal, another Reiki Circle, a Psychic Night, rehearsal, meetings, public relations, private lessons, playwriting, acting, herbal classes, a piano lesson …

We are a center. A place where so much learning and experiences can  happen to so many people. I guess a real center is like a TARDIS – bigger on the inside than the outside (if you don’t understand the reference, ask me, i’ll go on for days).

Whether you lean to the right or the left … there is always something for you in our “center.”