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We are so pleased to be you THIS YEAR.

Our students get noticed and get into shows, films and special programs throughout NYC.  We are delighted to know that you have decided for yourself that music and singing is a serious study and are happy you have chosen our school to work on that with us.  Our teachers are very excited to begin the new year!

Classes and lessons start in  September and go on through July. Please look carefully at the calendar of class schedule up on the site here. We do take breaks for holidays. Also, if you are participating in classes please note the dates of performances and rehearsals. These are separate from the regular schedule.

All lessons meet at Christs Church in Bay Ridge on Ridge Blvd and 73rd Street in Brooklyn on specific days or at Yeoryia Studios  2067 Broadway, Manhattan.  We offer in home and skype private lessons as well.

If you have any other questions please get in touch! BROOKLYN  MANHATTAN

or 646-338-5472/9282


Lessons and classes are billed monthly. All Tuition is due by the 1st of the month.  Late payment (after the 10th of the month) will incur a late fee of $25.00. You will be billed on the last week of the previous month. You will receive an email invoice with a link taking you to our Pay Pal account where you can pay online through your bank or use a credit or debit card there or we also take checks or cash for payment.  Please remind us to send you a receipt if you choose to pay with cash. We would love to offer you the convenience of keeping a credit card on file with us to have us use monthly.  If you are interested please let us know. IF you do not use Pay Pal but prefer checks and cash, please let us know and we will send a different type of invoice for you to use.


Private Lessons Adults only lessons no class $75.00 per hour. There is no discount for this choice. Lessons will be scheduled based on studio availability. This does not include participation in shows. If you choose to sign up for a 12-month course some payment options and discounts are available. Please discuss this with us.

IN-HOME PRICE: $100.00 per hour

SKYPE PRICE: $65.00 per hour

Private Audition Coaching is a 4-hour intensive for $250.00 this includes acting and singing work. There are no class performances. This is for both professional singers/actors and those auditioning for Junior High School, High School or College Programs requiring an audition.

Piano Lessons: By appointment for the beginner.  $30 per half hour.

Guitar Lessons: We can recommend several great teachers in the area!!

Speech and Accent Correction Lessons:

$50 per hour by appointment for any of our registered students.

Healing and Wellness Services:

Reiki, Massage, Aromatherapy, Herbal Consult, Sound Healing Sessions

These services are available to our students and their families at greatly reduced rates. An appointment is necessary.  If you are interested please ask.

On top of tuition, you may be responsible for additional expenses associated with our services.

Estimates for the year:

Performing Apparel- $50

Sheet Music-$50

Special event tickets-$20

Classes outside of our studio (teacher recommended dance, movement) – $100

Headshots (if appropriate for the student) – $100 and up depending on the photographer

Private coaching for each show with a pianist. Two Shows-$100

Notebook and pencil-$5

Tickets for productions – $20 per person per show



If you lose your job or have other financial issues please discuss different payment options with us.

Cancellation Policy of Studio:

In an emergency (teacher illness, dangerous weather conditions, etc.) You will be notified that the class or lesson will be canceled.  The studio will endeavor to make up this time during one of the times there are no lessons scheduled during the year. We will contact you with the date and time as soon as is possible. There may be times when a substitute teacher is at your class or lesson. You will be notified ahead of time.

There are NO make-ups for classes. There are NO make-ups for lessons. Teachers are not required to make up a lesson missed by the student for any reason. Skype lessons are available if there is a problem with leaving the house.

Please note that we are closed on all major holidays and other days as well! Please be sure to check your calendar!

Damage to our stuff or property

If a member of your family damages the property or equipment, out of respect for what we are trying to do, please offer to make it right.  We are friends here!

There is very little risk involved with music and theater; however, we know that people have accidents and bad things can happen. Please understand that we work hard to plan all our events so that everyone is as safe as possible.  Please be sure you are doing your part for yourself. Dress appropriately for rehearsal and classes.


We’re sorry to see you go! Give word to your instructor.  Prepaid tuition is non-refundable.

Electronic Communications Policy

IF we are closing the studio for any reason we will text and email you.  We are happy to friend you on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Please remember that teachers have personal lives and some may not want to friend students.  We have a Facebook group where all members can talk and get notices or information regarding performances to spread on the internet for their friends and family.



Here’s what you can expect from us…

We promise to treat its students and families with care and respect.

We will always give you our best when it comes to instruction.

We will always return your call or email or texts in a timely and professional manner.

We will always treat your children with respect and dignity.

We will always be on time.

We will always listen when you have a concern, and try our best to solve the problem.

We will always own up to our mistakes.  (On the rare occasion that we are human…)

We will always be there for any student for any reason.

Expectations of students

Be on time for all scheduled lessons, classes, practices, and performances.

Do your best to schedule appointments, keeping in mind your or your child’s classes, practices, and performances.

Let us know if you see a way we can improve our services. We want to be our best! If we see a way to make it happen, it will.

Respect for each other and our space.

Work hard, study, practice.




The M CENTER Starting Classes in Manhattan in September 2018

What an amazing line up it is. We are offering several classes and short weekend intensives this year 2018-2019 semester. Each class will be 6 intensive study sessions each three hours long with Mary Elizabeth Micari and Mason Griffin in one of the nicest studios in Manhattan! We will cover the composers, the era, the diction, tone, vocal production, breathing, acting, character creation and MORE!!!!

AND THERE IS A SHOW each time!

Each class will cover a decade from the 20th century. Students can choose to do standards, jazz, pop, classical or Broadway songs from those times.

This class is ideal for those putting together a nightclub act, a show or just preparing for auditions!

We have and will continue to keep our prices low so that you can add this wonderful experience to your learning arsenal.  There is financial aid available to those that qualify.

See link for more information, pricing, and dates. Registration begins on August 15

We are working at Yeoryia Studios at: The address is set: 2067 Broadway, New York, NY 10023 for information.



A little about Mary Elizabeth Micari and her Technique

I have been teaching voice for over 20 years. I am not only a singer but a teacher and healer who believes our voice is US, not something separate. I teach not only vocal technique but also techniques to release fear. I teach musicianship and artistry, acting and all of it in a holistically centered approach. My rates are low, I offer payment plans as well. I have locations in NYC in Manhattan and in Brooklyn. I also teach online through Skype, Facebook Messenger or Google hangouts. Together as a team, we can uncover the brilliance and strength of your voice, feed it with acting technique and make sure you are the musician you need and want to be. Beginners welcome. People 18 plus.




The M Center for the Arts inaugurates the Bay Ridge Vocal Academy with a rare retelling of A Christmas Carol – based on the 1938 radio play presented by Orson Welles and the Mercury Theater On-the-Air.

This rendition will be set when it first was presented – in 1938 – complete with period costumes and special sound effects.

This holiday presentation is a benefit for Christ Church and proceeds go to the Church. Refreshments will be served.

Tickets are $20 ($10 for seniors and children under 12).,com for further information or reservatio

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