Who did Mary Elizabeth Micari Study With?




Studied Acting 10 years and counting

Warren Robertson- Warren Robertson Studios

Philip Gushee- Neighborhood Playhouse

Elizabeth DIllon – HB Studios

Larry Moss – Acting for the Singer – Warren Robertson Studios

Ellie Renfeld – Brooklyn College

Brian McEleney – Shakespeare Technique – Brooklyn College

Toby Robertson – Shakespeare Technique – Brooklyn College


Studied voice 31 years and counting

Marko Lampas – Operatic Training

Barbara Miller – Operatic Training

Felicity La Fortune – Musical Theater

Maria Dornya- Musical Theater and Operatic Training

Ray McDermott – Musical Theater and Operatic Training

Maureen McGovern- Musical Theater

Jerry Leonti – Vocal Mechanics

I have coached with some of the most well know musical directors in NYC including many trained at Julliard, Manhattan School of Music and the Kirov Opera.


Fully licensed New York State Cosmetologist

LIBS/Empire Beauty School

Make Up

Paul Cox- Brooklyn College

Jay Pearlman- Freelance Instructor

Paul Thompson – The Make-Up Designory

Special FX Make Up

Orlando Santiago- Empire

Paul Thompson- The Make-Up Designory

Costume Design

Rebbecca Cunningham- Brooklyn College

Edmund Felix- Freelance Designer and Instructor

Theater Management

Stephen Langley- Brooklyn College