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Our yearly show is tailor written, trained for and directed for the students at the M Center.  Jay Michaels creates a script that fits all the songs these wonderful students have worked on all year in the studio with voice and acting teacher Mary Elizabeth Micari.  Together they train and direct the students and get them up on stage doing what will indeed make them grow!  For more information please contact us: mcenterbrooklyn@gmail.com

We have classes in Manhattan and in Brooklyn and are now interviewing students for the 2016-2017 classes.



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Just started our class!!

Our first Master Class was Monday this week.  Assembled were 9 very nervous students (well most anyway) and one fabulous pianist named Patrick Burns as well as our Voice/Music and Acting Teacher, Mary Elizabeth Micari. It was a nice class once everyone got used to our new digs at Christ’s Church in Brooklyn.  It was cold and the space was huge and yet each student got up and sang! Jay Michaels is in the process of writing our script and it is a mystery full of intrigue and jokes.  11 more classes and then our show on July 15th!

Great show brewin!

Its really always the most exciting time of the year here at the M Center!  Our amazing students are working to put together a recital bigger than any before!  Over 40 songs and a great script written just for them.

Songs for musicals, standards and more.

Can’t wait! MCenter-logo



We Are On Our Path


Our Bay Ridge Studio


We are now getting ready for our year end recital!! Wonderful show based around a murder mystery being written by our teacher and mentor Jay Michaels with songs from Musicals, some standards, Jazz and Pop as well.  Our amazing students will be working their hearts out in Bay Ridge but presenting the show at the 13th Street Rep in July.

New year new songs!!! We are on our PATH!



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